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For the past 10 years, Andrea Smith has been sharpening her knives by learning and teaching about every tool in the evolving marketing world. Her toolkit is diverse. Her approach is lightening fast.

She specializes in working with early stage startups where a DIY, bootstrapped approach is necessary.

As the Founder of Get Social, her secret weapon is to weave equal parts project manager, tool wrangler and data maven. Andrea can do it all.. and teach a course on it.

Her ability to move the needle on micro details of a project and also to inform the macro plans of marketing strategy, has made her an asset to numerous teams of various sizes and sectors.

What They're Saying...

I have had the chance to see Andrea help several startups with her expertise in social media strategy and marketing execution. She has a personable and approachable style and is very efficient in creating tangible plans and deliverables for companies and organizations who are looking to reach out for customers, support and publicity.

I recommend her if you are looking for a tangible and actionable strategy for marketing and social media. Clear communicator and delivers. I’ve used Andrea’s strategy for my own early stage startup and she has been a reliable mentor and workshop leader and community member lead at TorontoStarts.